Polismoly Logo concept

Task: to create a new logo concept for chemical factory

Polismoly is a production chemical company founded in 2017. Production capacity of Polismoly is more than 20'000 ton per year.

The main products of the Polismoly is low-toxic urea-formaldehyde resins type UF-LT, UF-LT(P) and UF-I and melamine-urea-formaldehyde resins (MUFR) type 4/8/12/18 percent of melamine. These products are used in production of fiberboard, particleboard and plywood with E1 emission class.

For the further development of the company, Wlabe was created the new logo concept for Polismoly. The main theses of the new logo are a stable position in the chemical production market and an increase in the company's environmental friendliness.

Polismoly logotype

Polismoly is a member of the Polikom group of companies . Each company in the group has own color and must comply with the general concept of the Polikom group of companies

Polikom group

The new logo is quite compact and has no small details. The logo can be applied to various products as a quality mark to increase brand awareness.

Polismoly logo wood texture

Use the new logo to brand apparel in manufacturing, identify portable equipment, and create floor markings to improve workplace safety.

Polismoly logo chemical factory

Polismoly logo is used succinctly on road signs and roadside billboards. It will be easier for the company's customers, transport companies - suppliers of raw materials and guests to find a company, thereby increasing the positive image of the Polismoly company.

Polismoly logo road sign

For the branding of chemical containers, the main ideas were developed using a new Polismoly logo and corporate color. Green stripes on white containers and a new logo will help to see the Polismoly company from afar, and increase a positive attitude towards the Polismoly company from the population living nearby.

Polismoly logotype chemicals tanks

The idea implemented in the logo is to simplify the schematic representation of a part of the molecule of the Polismoly company's main product - Urea-formaldehyde resin. The chemical structure of Urea-formaldehyde polymer consists of [(O)CNHCH2NH]n repeat units, which can be conditionally represented in the form of hexagons.

urea formaldehyde resin formula

The new Polismoly logo in comparison with the old logo.

Polismoly logo before-after

Using the new Polismoly logo on a building sign. The logo is created in a colour version and in a version of one colour, which allows you to reduce the cost of producing outdoor advertising.

Polismoly wall building sign

The new logo indicates the further development of the company and symbolizes the forward and upward movement.

Polismoly before after logo

The new logo for Polismoly it's just a concept for logo redesign in the future. Nowadays this logo is not the official logo of the Polismoly company.

For Polismoly website and mobile devices we create a favicon.

Polismoly favicon

Release date: 11.06.2021

Made in 10 days