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Fischer's Chess Rules

All the rules in Fischer's chess are similar to the usual rules in chess, except for the following:

The arrangement of the initial positions of the figures is done differently - for this we have developed our generator.

The castling rules are different than in ordinary chess. As a result of "short castling" (for white - on the right, for black - on the left), the king is always placed on the g-file, and the rook - on the f-file.

As a result of "long castling" (for white - on the left, for black - on the right), the king is always placed on the c-file, and the rook on the d-file.

If one of the castled pieces in the initial position is already on the final castling square, then as a result of the castling it remains on this square, and only the second piece moves.

You cannot castle if the king and the castle to be castle have moved in the game before.

Do not castle if there are any other pieces between the king and the castle being castled

Do not castle if the final squares for the king and rook are occupied.

You cannot castle if the king, when moving to the final position, passes the broken square, and if the king "jumps" over the rook during castling, it should not be under attack either.

You cannot castle if the king is in check.

You cannot castle if the king is in check as a result of castling.

In Fischer's chess, the player has the right to move the castleable pieces in the order that suits him best.

Benefits of Fischer Chess 960

These chess make old opening practices unusable and make it senseless to work out new openings.

From the very first moves, the player's creativity appears, the experience of studying openings is relegated to the background.

The difference in the strength of opponents is reduced due to the fact that the previously accumulated experience must give way to a quick assessment of the new arrangement of pieces.

Wlabe generator 960 chess

Features of the professional Fischer 960 chess generator

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A random arrangement is available from 0 to 959 position of Fischer's chess.

Selective arrangements are available, in which some of the pieces remain in their places - this way you can control the arrangement of pieces in your game and gradually move from classical chess to Fischer chess 960.

Queen and King remain in their places - ♕D, ♔E

Bishops stay where they are - ♗C, ♗F

Rooks stay where they are - ♖A, ♖H

Horses stay where they are - ♘B, ♘G

The king and rooks remain in their places - ♖A, ♔E, ♖H - castling is preserved as in classical chess.

The queen and rooks remain in their places - ♖A, ♕D, ♖H

The left or right side remains as in classical chess.

Also, it is possible to manually enter an arrangement by its number.

Exclusive feature - we have added a unique female name to each figure arrangement. By analogy, as hurricanes are called by female names. Now there is no need to write down the number of the arrangement you like - just remember the name, and later enter this position name in the "Position name" field.

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